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Welcome to the Contingent Commitment Exchange


Terminal is the live negotiation environment. Terminal access is restricted to approved users, to request access or you are having trouble logging in, contact


Sandbox is designed as a simulation environment which supports the full PharmaCCX platform functionality for training and practicing negotiations with no real world consequences. Reach out to to get a demo and sign up for access.

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Your strategy, delivered.

PharmaCCX empowers you to plan, negotiate, and administer deals on your terms, with a simple and configurable infrastructure. Our proven technology delivers your strategy, and better outcomes.

Who we are

PharmaCCX leverages technology and data to help pharma and payers seamlessly manage the negotiation, rebate, and deal management process for innovative access agreements, all done at scale simply, safely, and securely.

What we do

combination therapies

indication-based pricing

gene therapy

value-based deals

& more

How it works

Configurable digital infrastructure to support your team & strategy through planning, negotiation and admin.

Expert leadership team

We intimately understand your unique challenges and tailormade a solution based on our own needs. With experience in pharma, finance, business, and tech, our leadership team is poised to help you save more patients’ lives by increasing their access to promising therapies.

Nathan Sigworth
Co-Founder & CEO

A health-tech entrepreneur who formerly co-founded and was CEO of PharmaSecure, which uses serialization to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Simple, Safe, Secure, and Independent

PharmaCCX is an independent, third-party technology platform. We are 100% focused on helping pharma and payers more efficiently reach and manage access agreements so that patients can get the innovative  therapies they need . We do not take sides — instead, we work collaboratively with all parties involved in a deal  to help increase patient access to promising, life-saving therapies.

We are committed to data security and having a culture of compliance, exemplified by our SOC 2 Type 1 Certification, and we have already begun work on our SOC 2 Type 2 examination and our ISO 27001 Certification.